We are a motorcycle travel company that has been on the market since 2023. Founded by two friends who love adventures on two wheels, we are based in Lausanne, Switzerland.


Our vast knowledge of European countries, such as Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Switzerland, allows us to offer personalized itineraries that reveal the wonders of these destinations with a unique perspective. We know the history, culture and stunning landscapes of these places like no one else and we look forward to sharing these riches with you.

Imagine yourself traveling along the picturesque roads of Portugal, with its charming villages and stunning beaches. In Spain, immerse yourself in the vibrant Spanish culture, with its passion for life and rich traditions. Or maybe explore the majestic mountains of the Swiss Alps, enjoying breathtaking panoramic views. Venture through the winding roads of Italy, where you'll discover a perfect fusion of history, gastronomy and art.

And that's not all! HR Adventours also offers exciting trips to North Africa. If you are ready to explore an exotic mix of cultures, colors, flavors and feel the magic of the Sahara desert with our specialized team that will take you on an unforgettable journey through Morocco.

Our itineraries are carefully designed to provide exciting adventures, guaranteeing your safety and comfort at the same time. We have an experienced team ready to accompany you every step of the way, whether you are an experienced rider or just starting out, HR Adventours is perfect for you.

Get ready to live incredible moments on two wheels, discovering new horizons and creating memories that will last forever. Our company is ready to make your motorcycle trip dream come true.

Get in touch with us and start your adventure!